Hello, I’m Julia!

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Welcome to my blog. You will find here a lot of inspiration for a fit and healthy life. I will let you know about my journey to a new lifestyle including tips and ideas for workouts, healthy vegan recipes, posts about pole dance and a lot more.

If you are new to my blog and want to know how I got started with my fit journey, you might want to read my first blog post about it here.



Pole Dance Trick - Cocoon VariationMy life

I am a 25 year old aerialist, pole dance studio owner, psychology student, dog mama and chocoholic. Yes, chocolate and a fit lifestyle is possible 😉


I pole dance since the end of 2009. Later I also found my passion in aerial hoop, aerial silks, hand balancing and contortion. When I began to study, I also began to teach some pole dance students at home. My business grew steadily and suddenly I had my first pole dance studio in 2012. 2013 I closed it to open a new and bigger one and 2015 two more studios followed. So my passion turned into my daily job. If you are interested in learning this great sport, too and live close to me, you should have a look at my studio´s website Polemotions. I would love to meet you there in one of my classes!


Besides teaching I also compete in Pole Dance (Miss Crazy Pole 2012 & 2013,  Miss Pole Dance Germany 2014, 13th at World Championships 2015 are a few of my experiences I´m really proud of) and I absolutely love to perform. You can read more about it at my artist website.


If you don´t find me at one of my studios, I´m maybe for a walk with my  two little dogs Spike and Cookie, at my desk learning psychologies, reading a good book (Haruki Murakami is one of my fav writers by the way) or I´m shopping sportswear and  new stuff for my home.


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