Life Update – April

I´m super busy at the moment, but i still wanted to share with you what´s happening here at the moment! I hope I soon have some time for more blog posts. There are so many things I would love to write about and so little time. But I guess that feeling has everyone nowadays, with the only difference that you maybe want more time for something else than blogging. 😉


Pole and Training

I just registered for German Championships and I am already getting nervous when I think about it. Last year I decided to only focus on doubles as I opened two additional studios and didn´t want to get even more stressed than I already was.
It was a good decision, I´m still super proud of me and my double partner Bianca and how far we got last year. 4th place at World Championships!! This still feels unreal after almost one year.

This year I was super unsure if I should compete solo again. I wasn´t sure if it would be to much stress, if I had enough time for two routines (double and solo) and if I was good enough. But my heart really wanted it and so I registered yesterday! My pole besties also helped me a lot with their support and kind words to get enough courage to compete solo again. Now I feel ready for this challenge and really look forward to it!

If you can´t stop thinking about it. Don´t stop working for it.

I´m also traveling a bit more again for workshops soon! I will be in Liechtenstein and Austria this month, in June I will teach Hoop Workshops at World Championships in the Netherlands and in July I will travel to Switzerland. It´s always such a pleasure to meet new people, share my pole love and knowledge and to see new places. And to make it even better my boyfriend and dogs will be with me for all trips! Is there anything better than making your hobby your job and then sharing it with your loved ones?! I´m really grateful for this. No matter how hard I sometimes have to work, it is so worth it!

Next week I am booked for an aerial silks and hoop show. I haven´t done silks for several week and I´m really happy to finally spent some time on it again. Once the competition training is over I plan to train it more regulary! I finally want to be able to do all those crazy drops and rolls. But I often plan to work more on something specific and end up with something different, so we will see how it goes this time.


Talking about crazy things… did you notice the crazy pole trick on the second photo? I created this trick a few weeks ago and it got the beautiful name the „Bluebell“. An instagram follower had the idea for this nice name inspired by a beautiful flower. You can also do it inverted, but that version is a lot harder and scarier.



I finished another exam which means I am getting closer to finishing my studies (one day hopefully).For those who don´t know it yet, I study psychology. And I love it! Now that all the fundamental topics are done it is getting even more interesting and I enjoy it even more.
I also began an internship at a sports psychologist. I hope I can combine this with my work as a trainer one day. It´s really hard to study, teach, lead my studios, train and do the internship all at the same time, but it´s a good opportunity to improve my time management and I learn so much.

So far the work I have to do is great. My main task is to produce a mp3 file with mental exercises to improve self-confidence for competitive sportsmen. The aim is to help reduce nervousness and anxiety for better results in competitions or similiar situations and also to focus on positive aspects. We might also provide an online version. It´s for all kind of sports, so also interesting for any pole dancers! I think it would be even good if I would use it myself ^.^ I am always super nervous before competitions!



There was one situation that I can´t get off my mind a few days ago. It´s not because it was a super special situation but it kind of reminded me that it is maybe not enough to just be vegan if you don´t reach others and don´t make others think about or even change their eating habits.

We were sitting on a table together with a few other people and a woman was talking about a program that teaches children horse-riding in a very playful way as well as a lot about correct and friendly interaction with their horse. I really love the idea behind this program. The woman stated that she especially loves the aspect that children learn right from the beginning to treat the horse with respect.

About an hour later we ordered food and she had a meal including chicken. I already expected this, but somehow still was hoping she maybe was at least vegetarian after showing so much love for animals a few minutes before. It´s so unfair that we treat some animals like our friends and others like they are worth nothing. It makes me so sad that we can´t treat all animals the same way, kind and respectful. I don´t want to blame the woman for what she did, most people do the same and most of them just don´t notice the irony behind it. I was exactly the same before going vegan.

With this little story I just wanted to emphasize that we should think about what our mind tells us and what our acts reflect. Are they in balance or are you talking about yourself as an animal lover while drinking a glass of milk? Are you getting angry about people hitting their dogs but support causing pain to animals at the same time by buying non-vegan products? I just want you to think about it, it´s your decision if you want to change something or not.

If you are really an animal lover, the only option is to go vegan.

If you think eating vegan is too hard, just look at this super fudgy chocolate cake I made last week. Vegan food can be simple and it can be super delicious at the same time just as any other meals.

I also started to change some more things in my life. When I began my vegan journey I had sometimes little cheat meals (mainly when there was cake…), but since a few months I don´t do this anymore. Not because I don´t allow it to myself, but because I just can´t do it anymore, it feels wrong now. I also buy only vegan cosmetics, which turned out to be much easier than I expected. Especially DM shop which you find everywhere in Germany has endless options for make up, shampoo, soap, … so far I found a vegan option for everything. I also love Lush a lot, but who doesn´t love it 😉

Now I started to think more about my clothes as well. I sold and gave away my leather handbags to buy new ones by my favourite brand Matt and Nat. A few weeks ago I decided to have a look at some vegan clothing brands which also care about nature and fair working conditions. I spent hours looking through shops as there were so many great options online! I also ordered new chelsea boots so I could get rid of some leather shoes. Veganism is like a endless beautiful journey for me, a journey to a happier and cruelty free life. I´m so happy that I started this journey in the beginning of last year.


Clean Eating

I will do another little food challenge. I want to try clean eating for 10 days. No sugar, only good carbs, no processed food and instead lots of fresh veggies and fruits. I hope this will help me to live healthier and make my eating habits better. I will do a post for you after I finished the challenge and share my experiences with you.

I will try to keep my meals very simple. Lots of fruits for breakfast, buddha bowls for lunch (including more raw veggies) and for dinner maybe some porridge or chia pudding (I love breakkie for dinner!). I will start the challenge tomorrow, although I just noticed that I won´t be able to shop food tomorrow as all shops are closed this monday. But I think it´s good to start challenges on mondays 🙂



I´m gonna finish my sunday now with some meal planning to make my challenge easier and then it´s time for some late night online shopping with the hope to buy my first organic cotton jeans. Have a nice evening everyone and a good start in a new week!




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