My Monday #1

I know lots of people hate mondays, but for me mondays are great. My week is not the same as a normal one. I don´t work Monday till Friday and then have a free saturday and sunday.

My weel is a bit different: Monday, Wednesday, Thursay and Sunday I teach at my studios. Tuesday I try to spent more time on studying and do lots of paperwork. Saturday is reserved for workshops, private classes, photoshootings, shows and so on. And Friday is my free day – which is not always possible but I´m doing my best to stay away from work that day.

Although I work almost 7 days a week I have the freedom to decide when I want to work and where I want to work and I love that! 🙂 So let me give you an insight in my awesome monday!

HIIT Workout

8am – 9am

I got up at 8am. Would love to get up earlier again but at the moment I work a lot and get late to bed, so I get up a bit later. I always try to sleep about 8h. I started my monday with a 20min HIIT Workout. Of course I was super warm afterwards, so I added a quick oversplit session. Nothing too intense, but I always stretch my legs when I train my leg muscles.

chocolate oats

9am – 9:30am

After my workout I had a shower and then this super delicios chocolate oats with fresh fruits! You find the recipe here: Breakfast. I love to read while I have my breakfast and just relax a few minutes before I start to work.

9:30am – 12pm

At 9:30 am I went to my studio to prepare the private class which was at 10am. I wanted to train afterwards, but as my rips were hurting a bit I decided to just do some back stretching which was very successful!

contortion ankle grab

I did my first ankle grab with straight legs! And my balance is getting better as well. After the back stretches my rips felt better for a while as the back stretches opened my chest a bit.

vegan power ball

12pm -2pm

I finished my training and went shopping with my boyfriend for his birthday. Had this little power ball as snack, I bought it at DM. They have so many great vegan bars and other foods. Instead of shopping make up like I used to I know perfer to shop food whenever I get to this shop ^^

peanut butter bowl

2pm – 3pm

At 2pm we were back home and super hungry. I made this quick bowl with spelt, carrots, peas, curry tofu, avocado and peanut dressing. I love anything with peanut butter so I made a bit more of it for diner. Until 3pm I had a little break on the couch with my lunch and dogs.


3pm – 4:30pm

After lunch I did some work at my laptop like answering emails, updating our booking system, some facebook marketing and so on.

4:30pm – 5pm

Did some cleaning and household stuff. Boring, but I love to see my apartment clean afterwards 🙂


5pm – 6pm

After the work and household it was great to get finally back out into the sun. We went for a walk with the dogs in a close forest where it wasn´t too hot. Hope you can spot my dogs on the photo above, they are so small ^.^

6pm – 6:45pm

It was time to get ready for my classes, had the rest of my lunch as dinner, packed all my pole and teaching stuff and then read a few pages before I had to leave.

7pm – 8:30pm

I had only one class today. Which was quite good for me as the rip pain was worse in the evening. We repeated old moves today and it was great to see the progress of my students. Would have liked to stay for our handbalancing class afterwards, but I thought it would be better to get back home and give my rips some rest time.


At 9pm I was back at home and wrote this blog post 😉 Now I´m sitting on the couch with my three men and plan my food for the next days because we have to go food shooping tomorrow morning.

To me this is was an awesome day – besides the rip pain of course. But nothing and nobody is perfect and I don´t mind. I will take care of my body, give it a rest and call my physiotherapist. And hopefully I will be able to go to my weekly training with my double partner in the evening 🙂

Hope you started your week with a beautiful monday, too and feel ready for the next days like I do!


  1. Antworten


    Love your blog, keep it up! You are one of my biggest flexibility inspiration. I have also been vegan for 7 months now so all the recipes have been great 🙂 Could you write a post how you have been working on your flexibility and how you work on it on your weekly training schedule? All the tips for increasing back flexibility and achieving rainbow marchenko would really be appreciated!

    1. Antworten


      Thank you so much Jenni! I will definitly post some flexy tipps soon 🙂

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