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I have been part of an amazing dance show last weekend! It was the CYC Show in Solingen which was organized by Sabine Schön who owns a dance studio. She also invited other pole dancers and acrobats to join the show. Due to a facebook post we got in contact with her and were so happy when she picked us to perform at her show. You may wonder who is us, it´s our dance group the Emotioncatchers.

Our group normally consists of Tina (my aerial hoop double partner and bendy sister), Bianca (my pole double partner), Anke and me. Anke and Bianca couldn´t come with us for the show so we asked two other dancers and trainers of my pole studio. Steffi and Julia both love to dance and move very elegant, so they were perfect for the show. Unfortunately Julia got sick, so she couldn´t perform with us in the end.


Preparing this show together was so much fun. It was the first time for us to perform in this team composition but we fitted perfectly together which made it super easy to create a routine. Our costumes were a mix of RAD shorts, belly dance skirts and a decorated bra. I love creating own costumes, although it can drive you crazy when you can´t really sew 😉 But together we managed to get some nice outfits with lots of glitter of course. Even the studio is sparkling now, but we love it.



Friday it was time to leave, it took us 6 hours to drive to Solingen, because of lots of traffic. But with three girls in the car it never gets boring. When we arrived at the theatre we still had to wait a few hours before our rehearsal for the show so we could watch the other artists for a while. We were really tired from the long drive, but watching those great dancers, acrobats and seeing that huge stage woke us up again. After our run-through we went to the grandma of one of the dancers where we could sleep until sunday. She was a lovely and very caring woman and we immediatly felt at home.




Saturday we had to finish the costumes in the morning, get our nails done and ready for the show. After a delicious stew which the grandma cooked for us we went to the theatre to get ready for our show. Lots of make up, long lashes and more glitter. And we even had our own dressing room with three mirrors! How great is that?!


All three shows went great and with each performance we felt more confident and improved our show. Between the shows on saturday we spent some time on handstand training. Yes, we love to be upside down no matter if we have a pole or not. 🙂 My press up is becoming more consistent by the way 😉 I posted a video on instagram if you want to see it!



acrobatic trio

Sunday we only had one last show in the evening, so we could sleep late, have a relaxed breakfast with chocolate oats, went for a walk outside and then decided to do some acrobatics. We tried some new tricks and put something together for the end of the show where all performers were on stage together, dancing, celebrating and showing off some crazy moves or whatever they wanted.

Those three days felt so short, we wished we could have stayed longer, perform more often and just enjoy the great atmosphere. But I´m sure this wasn´t our last show together!

Here are a few more photos and outtakes for you to enjoy 😉


[yes, I wear UGG boots, but I got them a long time before I went vegan and already ordered a new pair of cruelty free vegan boots – if you are interested google pammies ;)]


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I hope you all had a wonderful and exciting weekend, too! And if you ever get the chance to perform on a big stage: Just do it! Don´t be scared and you will love it in the end. The feeling after a show is one of the best feelings in the world!

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    Ich freu mich schon auf unsere nächste Show 😀

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