2017 Throwback

It has been way too long since my last blog post, next year I will try to do better. I will try to post at least once a month and let you be part of my life as a pole artist, trainer, dog mum, psychology student and vegan! 🙂 Today I want to share with you my favourite moments of last year. I tried to chose one favourite moment of each month, which was really hard. It´s really nice to look back at the last months and focus on all the positive and exciting things that happened.

Of course there were also some negative moments, but I think it is way better to concentrate on the positive things that happen. So please enjoy looking at my happy moments and feel inspired to have a look back at your happy moments of 2017, too!



In January we had beautiful holidays at the Black Forest with lots of snow, some wellness and tasty vegan food. But my biggest highlight of january was that moment when I got my triple fold for the first time – and so far the only time as I didn´t have enough time to keep working on it. But I know that one day I will be able to do it again!


In February I discovered how amazing vegan mac and cheese tastes – my favourite meal now! There are many great recipes on the internet and it´s much healthier than the non-vegan variation. You should give it a try, it´s so creamy and delicious.


My favourite day in march was when I traveled to munich with my bendy sister Tina to meet the contortionist and amazing training Philipp Tigris. I learned so much and enjoyed it a lot to be a student for a while.


In April I created this crazy flexy trick named Bluebell. I got my inspiration for this trick while working on a rainbow marchenko variation which was created by the super bendy Justice Hailey.


In May I had a few performances which I enjoyed a lot and also taught lots of workshops but my favourite moment was when my double partner Bianca and me won the German Championships and qualified for the World Championships.


June was full of exciting events! But my favourite time were the ten days I spent in France with my boyfriend and dogs. It took me a while to get used to not working but then I had the best time of the year at this beautiful place. We already booked the same apartment – directly on the beach – again for June 2018.


In July Bianca and me competed at the world championships and placed 4th. With this highlight I don´t want to only share a great moment with you but also want to say thank you to my super supportive boyfriend who is always on my side when I perform or compete.


In august my tattoo which is dedicated to my grandparents was finished. They had a hard last year and I admire how they handled everything with the help of my parents. I always want to be as motivated as my grandma and as supportive as my grandpa <3


September was full of lovely people, the photo above stands for all these great moment with these people. I met great artists at the Tübinger Fröschle, celebrated my birthday with my wonderful pole family, traveled with my pole besties to workshops, had a photoshoot together with one of my flexy students and the amazing Lea Roth visited us for workshops and a nice dinner together as you can see above 🙂


October was a super busy month. My students and me were preparing for our first showcase and training a lot. At the same time I tried to get ready for Pole Theatre Germany. Unfortunately I got sick for almost two weeks, but thanks to my supportive team this wasn´t really a problem. I love my team so much and I´m so proud to have such a great team of trainers at my studio, so I picked this photo for october.


In November I took part at German Pole Theatre which was incredible but my personal highlight was the showcase together with my students. Being on stage with them, performing together, training together and sharing lots of emotions was an experience I never forget. I can´t wait to repeat all this in 2018 with my amazing students and our team.


December was one of my favourite months especially the end of it where I could spend time with my family. As my family might not like to be on the internet I chose this photo instead. It shows my the city where I grew up and where my family lives. I also had a great time at this years christmas party together with my students, a christmas dinner with all the trainers, an amazing and fun photoshoot with Moving Art Images, I had my biggest show ever together with my double partner Bianca at the Felix Award and finished the year with some shows including my first ever hammock show.


I hope you enjoyed this little summary of my last year. I will soon post another blog about my New Year´s Resolution. I want to share with you what goals I have and how I plan to achieve them.








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