2018 Goals

I am ready for a new year and new goals! I wanna share with you my goals for this year, so you maybe get some inspiration to set your own goals. I will share some tipps for setting and achieving goals in my next blog post to help you a bit if you struggle to stick to your goals. If you don´t want to miss it, follow me on facebook as I share new blog posts there.



As an artist and trainer a healthy body is so important, we often forget about this until we get sick or injured. I already learned to listen better to my body and take breaks when needed – if possible. Taking breaks immediatly and also long enough already can make a huge difference.


This year I wanna get back to healthy eating habits (not for loosing weight, just to stay fit), I want to give my body the fuel it needs. In the morning I eat porridge with lots of fresh fruits, for lunch I make sure to eat many vegetables and to keep it simple. I just chose one source of carb, add any veggies I have at home and then either fry it, make a soup, a one-pot dish or a bowl with some raw ingredients. In the evening I want to eat salad more often. And that´s it – simple and healthy.


I also wanna take more care about my shoulders. I have no shoulder problems, but as so many pole dancers struggle with it, I want to be careful. I plan to work more on Split Grip and Cup Grip Aysha Combos instead of Twisted Grip and incooperate more strength exercises which focus on my shoulders. Prevention is always a good idea. I might post soon some tipps about this, too, if you are interested including my fav exercicises with a resistance band.



Of course I also set some training goals! I wanna work more on my handstands again. My main goal is to train it more regulary even if it is just 10min a day – every step counts! I also began to work on contortion push ups (a push up from chest stand to handstand) and I want to train my handstand press up again. Those two moves are so hard for me but I will keep working on it!


Another goal is to spent more time on stretching. During the last year I only stretched very rarely. At least every friday I want to do a stretching session for myself. A big stretching goal for this year is to do a triple fold again and to improve my hip flexibility which is my nemesis.


Personal Goals

I also chose some small personal goals. I´m sometimes bad at keeping my apartment tidy during stressful days – my desk becomes a mess, my clothes are everywhere and sometimes there are several training bags in the hallway (maybe I have too many… xD). Last year I read Magic Cleaning by Marie Kondo which already changed a lot. I have less stuff now, everything has its place and it also helped me to buy less new stuff which I don´t really need. Now it´s time to get rid of my last bad habits – keeping the tables empty and empty out my bags as soon as I come home. I made two little habit trackers to remind myself of this.


I also want to put more time into my psychology studies as I dream of becoming a sport psychologist. Therefore I need to finish my bachelor with a good grade so I can do my master and then finally become a sport psychologist. This might still take lots of time as it is difficult to lead two pole studios, perform and compete, take care of my two cute dogs and study all at the same time. But I´m not in a hurry 😉


I also would love to spent more time with my boyfriend. We began to train duo acrobatics together a few weeks ago and train it regulary once a week now. I enjoy this training together so much! But I also want to spent time together not only at training, work or at home. In 2018 we want to to a weekly date night – go out for dinner, get a drink, go climbing together or to the cinema, visit a ncie city or whatevery comes to our mind.


As you see I have not too many goals and my goals are not super difficult to reach. Often we set to many goals and then reach none of them really, so I´m starting small this year. Throughout the year I can set new goals or redefine my goals once I reached some of the objectives.

Now I would love to hear about your 2018 resolutions! Let me know what goals you set for yourself, I love to hear about the goals of others, it can be so inspiring. So leave me a comment please 🙂





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