London #1

This is my third time at London now, each time I traveled to this amazing place it was for the World Polesport Championships. But this time it´s the first time I´m here for the double category and my first time as a vegan in another country.
chocolate oatsOur flight wasn´t too early so I had time for a last breakfast at home and of course the last one had to be chocolate oats (Recipe here: Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas). Found that new superfood topping at DM. There are currently popping up new vegan products almost weekly in German stores and I always enjoy discovering and testing new foods. This one was really tasty and added some crunch to the creamy oats.


For the flight and travel I prepared some vegan food as I didn´t know how easy it would be to get vegan food at the airport. The sausage, cheese and chocolate cream are of course all vegan. I really like that new sausage. A few weeks ago there was only this darker version based on soy. Now there are new recipes for vegan sausage including other protein like peas for example and they taste and look a lot better. This one is with broccoli and pepper and the cheese is the classic variation by Bedda – for a bedda world 😉

By the way: The small bun is with chia seeds, a close bakery sells it and it´s my fav bun!


Last step – and I hate this part of traveling further away – was to bring our chihuahuas to their babysitter. My boyfriends brother is taking care of them and they love him so much, so I know they will be fine. But I still miss them so much already. Always feels strange and like something is not normal when they are not around me.


The flight run a bit late due to a thunderstorm but besides that we had a relaxed journey from Stuttgart Airport to our Hotel in London. Even had some time for handbalancing while waiting. A man who passed by even applauded.


The flight finished way to early, I love traveling and flying! I even enjoy waiting at the airport, because it means I have lots of time to read and relax which I normally don´t have.


First thing we did after we arrived was food shooping. Found everything I need for a delicious vegan breakfast: Cereals with nuts, raisins & sunflower seeds (but no added sugar!), soy milk, fresh berries and some vegan chocolate drops. I already ate some of the drops together with a crumpet, they taste great and I will definitly take some with me to Germany for my muesli and mug cakes!


Afterwards we had a little break at the hotel. Due to the delay and long travel from the airport to the hotel we didn´t make it to the street food market in time. So we decided to start our london trip a bit more relaxed. After some research I found out that we have lots of vegan food options around our hotel although we are not close to the inner city. Lots of vegan restaurants including burgers, carribbean food, thai, vegan english breakfast and a bakery (and lots more). We decided to try the thai restaurant first.


They had lots of vegan options and even brought me a list of ingredients which is for allergy sufferes, so I could check on my own which meals are really vegan. Had this super creamy mushroom and coconut soup as a starter. It was sooo delicious!


The main course was perfect, too. I had stir-fried tofu with vegetables and cashew nuts. Nuts are one of the reasons why I love thai food so much, but also because of all the different fresh veggies they use. As side dish I had my first coconut rice, definitly want to try to cook that one at home. Coconut milk is just awesome with any kind of food!


We were to full for a dessert, but I couldn´t resist getting some chocolate oreo cookies. And yes they are vegan! A friend just told me about it and I first couldn´t believe because of the white cream which I thought is based on milk. But they are totally vegan, the original ones and the ones with chocolate cream, too. I checked the cheap fake version yesterday, they are not vegan, so always check the ingredients.

All together it had been way easier to eat vegan during the first day on our London trip than I expected it. London seems to be really vegan friendly so far.


Tomorrow it´s time for our rehearsals and we want to do some sightseeing, so be prepared for lots of streetpole, -contortion and -handstand photos!

Time to go to bed now, so I have lots of energy for the next day, already looking forward to new vegan food experiences tomorrow.

Have a good night everyone!

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