London #3

Our third day was full of emotions, positive, exciting and negative ones. But in the end the positive one! But let´s start from the beginning.

lemon crumpet

We had to get up super early for the parade. All atlethes had to walk on stage together with their team before the competition would start. So I only had a very quick and small breakfast. Luckily crumpets are vegan and I found this creamy lemon curd at the shop yesterday. Love the fresh taste during these hot days.

SelfieAfterwards it was time to get ready for our performance already. Can you imagine how difficult it is to do a make up with shaky hands because you are too nervous and excited? Definitly not an easy job!

double partners

We were not allowed to take pictures in the location anymore, so there are no photos of our time there. We were a bit scared that the grip would be horrible due to the heat and wet air in the crytsal palace sports centre. My double partner Bianca was so in panic, that she even told me she was thinking about not going on stage today because she was sure she would totally mess up everything due to the bad grip.

I was sure she could do it! But I totally could understand her fear, too. Luckily she decided not to run away and went on stage with me, because we did great!! A few little mistakes, but all together it was a good performance and we were super happy when we went off the stage.

If you want you can watch the show already on youtube.


After the show you had to wait next to the stage for your score. We were already so pleased that we didn´t slide that we didn´t care much about the points at that moment. But when they announced our score we couldn´t believe it. From 26 points at the German Championships we improved to 47 points. An incredible score for us. All feeling came together at that moments, I was so happy – especially for Bianca who didn´t believe in herself just a few minutes ago – I couldn´t help crying of pure happiness. It´s impossible to to describe how this moment felt to me, I was overwhelmed, surprised, relieved, excited, proud of us and at the same time unsure if I maybe missunderstand our score ^^

And guess what: We made it to the finals!!! Yes, it´s really true although I didn´t really realise it yet! So tomorrow we will perform again and hopefully everything will be as good as today and we will be a bit more relaxed before we go on the stage again.


After that we decided to go to Greenwich for some traditional pie and mash and a little bit more of sightseeing. I love this place, so sad the Greenwich market was just closing but at least we got a quick looks at some of the stalls while they were packing their things.

my diet detox DSC_0164#


First we went to My Detox Diet because they sell some vegan cakes. I got this healthy delicious shake. It was named Workout Shake and should be good for recovery and muscles. Perfect for this weekend and super tasty! Also got an Apple Crumble Cake for take away. This shop is definitly for a visit.


After that we went to Goddards, we already had pie and mash there last year. I expected to not eat one this year as a vegan, but they surprised me with a vegan version of it! I´m lovin London more and more… If you go into a typical traditional German restaurant you would never get something vegan besides maybe a side dish like some chips, salad or something else. It was filled with soy, so it even had lots of protein.


Time for realxing a bit close to the water. We were just sitting on bench for a while, enjoying the sun and the beautiful view. It was an exciting day and felt good to have a few calm minutes now.

IMG-20160723-WA0004To finish our day we went with the boat to the tower and of course had to take a photo in front of the london bridge. Perfect way to finish the day.

I´m so thankful my boyfriend shared this amazing day with me. It´s always great to have him by my side not only because his presence always calms my nerves before a show ^^

Wish us good luck tomorrow and pray for good grip for us while you all hopefully enjoy your sunday with your loved ones, too <3

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