My Week #2


pole dance

Last week has been another rest week for me besides one little trick on my pink home pole after stretching my splits. The rip pain is more persistent than I thought. So I gave my rips a few more days off. I already miss my training, but a healthy body is more important.

Sunday my rips felt already much better although I had a performance on saturday. Seems like the break was definitly a good decision and I can slowly get back to more training next week.




Had a few very quick meals this week, but I love food that´s ready in a few minutes and still is healthy and tasty.


Didn´t eat overnight oats for too long, totally forgot how delicious it is. It´s just soy milk with oatmeal and in the morning I added fruits and a few chia seeds. The taste of overnight oats always reminds me of raw dough ^.^ and I love raw dough!

chocolate oats

At least once a week I need chocolate oats, it´s the perfect breakfast for the little chocoholic side of me ^^ You can finde the recipe here: 5 healthy breakfasts

food3 food4

Tuesday was wrap day! Didn´t have much time as this was my blog launch day, so this was perfect as it requires no cooking. Top one is filled wit soy yoghurt, sweet-sour-sauce, salad, avocado, smoked tofu and tomatoes. For the bottom one I mixed salad, sweet corn, shallot and BBQ Sauce. I will soon post a few easy and tasty variations for you including a pizza and breakfast variation 😉

creamed spinach and pasta

This might look boring, but I was so happy when I found this cream spinach in the freezer at our regular shop. Cream spinach with pasta has always been one of my fav meals. Of course I could easily make a vegan variation on my own, but if you need something quick this is so great! And it tastes exactly like the non-vegan one I used to eat.


And another super quick meal. Vegan spätzle with lentils, mushrooms with balsamic vinegar, tofu burger and some salad. I bought the lentils and spätzle precooked, so this took max. 10min to finish.

vegan burgr

Delicious dinner. Tofu burger is from the brand Tukan, I love all their tofu stuff! I added some BBQ sauce, avocado, salad and tomatoes. So delicious!


Everthing Else


On Monday the next part of my reading corner arrived, now I only need to wait for the arm chair to arrive and then I can finish my little cozy corner next to our chimney. Got the commode at the online shop Impressionen.

Onesie LoveAfterwards my boyfriend and me went shopping. Didn´t find a dress for the marriage of my cousin next saturday but this cute onesie (brand: Vero Moda) and some other stuff ^.^ This was the perfect outfit for my date with my three handsome men (Spike, Cookie and my boyfriend) in the evening. We went to a beautiful greek restaurant and noticed that it belongs to our neighbours. Definitly gonna get back there to check their food, some of it seems to be vegan.

Tuesday I had an appointment at the gym for another check of my metabolism. I expected it to be better because my food is a lot better than before. But it was horrible again… I burn zero fat and instead only sugar and my body is working all the time. My trainer has a few theories for the reasons: I´m overtraining and don´t have enough rests, I´m still too stressed, I don´t drink enough and/or my food and therefore my body is too sour. Maybe it´s a bit of all.

So here is what I will do: First I want to save my friday for rest and I mean really rest. No cardio, no handstand, no stretching, no private classes anymore – nothing! It´s my only day free, so I need to take this day as a opportunity to rest. I want to take a free weekend maybe once a month or at least every second month.
Then I started to buy water in bottles again and try to drink one each day. Together with my tea for breakfast this means that I drink 2L per day, which is a lot for me! I suck at drinking enough, but with this method it worked very good all week 🙂
Last thing I did was checking if my body really got sour, but the tests were good and it seems like this is not the reason.
Reducing the stress has to wait at the moment, but I already started to take more time for me and personal things than I ever did since I´m self-employed. I think it will just need some more weeks until my body notices this changes as my mind hasn´t thought of working for the whole day for a few years now.

bikini l*space

Wednesday I got this beautiful bikini by L*Space. Love the back of it and that you can turn it around and get a purple bikini 🙂 Got another one from Seafolly, so I´m ready for our holidays in august now.

vegan muffin

Thursday went to the old town in Tübingen to one of my fav restaurant: Vegi. They have super tasty vegan falafel and also vegan cakes, cupcakes and muffins. This one was with raspberries and white chocolate. I love healthy food, but I can´t resist muffins. It was worth every calorie!

water bottle

Also found this cure bottle in a shop called Collegium in Tübingen. I filled it with water and added some lemon, rasperries and blueberries the next day. This little fella help me to drink 2L just during the morning while I studied. Super tasty and it really helped me to drink more!

home studies

Friday I studied all morning outside, it was such a beautiful sunny day. So thankful I can study where ever I want and didnt have to spent the morning inside a university 🙂

cookie and spike
And guess who was with me all morning: My little Chihuahuas! They love the sun although it makes them super tired. It´s too cute how they behave during those hot days.

vegan burger

In the evening my boyfriend and me went to Burgermeister, they moved into a new and bigger location and also have some new meals now. They offer three vegan burgers. I tried the mexican burger with avocado, This was so delicious. I don´t like the patties of most cheap burgers where they just mix any vegetables, but this one was great. I don´t know the ingredients, but I saw some kidney beans in it and from the color I guess it might include sweet potatoe. But no matter what it was, it was perfect!

sif jakobs jewellery

michael kors handbag

Saturday we went to the wedding of my cousin for which I got some new accesoires. I´m so in love with the designs of Sif Jakobs. Got this earrings with the matching necklace, beacelet and this beautiful ring. And couldn´t resist when I saw this cute little shimmering bag by Michael Kors. The price was even reduced, so I think buying it, was the normal reaction for a woman ^^ It was such a beautiful day together with my family and it was great to meet people I haven´t seen for years as well as new lovely people.

At the evening I had the pleasure to dance for my cousin and his beautiful wife. Enjoyed it a lot and – even more important – the wedding couple liked my performance as well 🙂

vegan breakfast

Sunday we enjoyed a relaxed breakfast outside at Cafe Hirsch in Tübingen. They offer this amazing vegan breakfast. I love how many fruits and veggies they add, not only a pleasure for your eye but also for the stomach 🙂

sunny day

Finishing this week now with some relaxed reading in the sun with my new Haruki Murakami book so I can start with new energy in a new week! Had lots of sweet stuff this week and no training, but my weight stayed the same, so maybe drinking more really helped. I think I can soon start to lose a little bit more weight and see how this fits to my body. I don´t wanna get too skinny, just a little bit more defined.

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