5 Quick and Simple Wrap Ideas

I love wraps, they do not only taste good, they also offer so many possiblities, are very quickly finished and are perfect for summer as you can eat them cold! And if you fill them with the right stuff, wraps can be healthy.

Here are a few wrap inspirations for you 🙂 I bought wraps which are a bit smaller than normal ones (I got them at Edeka). With the filling/topping each wrap recipe should have around 200 calories. For lunch you could eat two of those small treats or you could add some salad. All recipes are of course vegan.


BBQ Wrap

BBQ wrapThis one is super simple. Mix 1/4 lettuce head, a bit sweet corn, 1 shallot and BBQ Sauce and then put it in your wrap. Because of all the lettuce this wrap doesn´t have lots of calories.




For this one I put soy yoghurt mixed with sweet-sour-sauce on the wrap and then topped it with salad, tofu, avocado, tomatoe and sweet corn. Feel free to get creative with whatever you love. I made this one for a day where I didn´t have much protein as the tofu and yoghurt include it.



hummus wrap

I used spicey hummus, but it tastes great with any hummus. The other ingredients are just salad, cucumber and carrots. Sounds simple and boring but believe me it tastes great!


Wrap Pizza

wrap pizza

wrap pizza

A frozen pizza normally has about 700-800 calories, this one has only about 200! I mixed  sieved tomatoes with oregano, garlic, pepper and salt for the sauce (I mixed it directly on the pizza). Then you top it with anything you like. I used fresh tomatoes, sweet corn, mushrooms, vegan mincemeat and BBQ Sauce (I could add this to any meal) for the first one. You could of course add vegan cheese but it has a lot of calories and is not neccessary I think. I just use some soy cream on top.

Now just put it in the oven for about 5min (200°). I get it out of the oven as soon as the crust starts to get brown. Be careful it can get very quickly to dark so better stay close to it.


Breakfast Banana Wrap

Breakfast Wrap

This wrap has some more calories, maybe about 300 or a little more, but it is one of my fav variations! Cover the wrap with a thin layer of vegan chocolate cream (I used one teaspoon), place one whole banana on it and then wrap it. I love warm bananas, so I put it in the microwave for 1-2min. If you want the banana really soft and hot adjust the time. If you want it extra tasty you can add some peanut butter on top. I always buy one which only includes peanuts and nothing else.


Wraps offer really lots of variations! If you want more protein you could make one with beans, chickpeas or falafel. For breakfast you could fill it with soy yoghurt and fruits or try some other pizza variations! I will soon post some avocado recipes including an avocado pizza which you should definitly try!


Bon appetit 😉

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