Three Day Detox Diet

After my trip to London I gained some weight not only because of all the delicious vegan food in London but also because of the stress before. Before all this I had a weight of about 54kg. I managed to keep this weight for a few weeks before championships were coming closer. Last Tuesday I woke up with 55.5kg and I knew I needed a compensation day to get back on track.

I was thinking about doing a Smoothie Day, but didn´t like the idea of only drinking my food all day. While searching for ideas I came across a three day detox diet online and thought it would be worth a try. Not because I believe everything people talk about it, but the recipes looked good, it meant I would eat three days only healthy food and I would eat mainly basic which is good for your metabolism.

Day 1

plantbased food

First thing I did was going food shopping in the morning. There was a exact shopping list of all items online, so this was quickly done. I love how all the fresh fruits look together, so colorful, natural and tasty.

breakfast smoothie

My breakfast was a smoothie with grapefruit, ginger, kiwi, banana, almond purree and agave syrup. I normally don´t like grapefruits because of the bitter taste, but with all the other sweet ingredients it tastet great and was very filling, too.


As lunch I had a salad with zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and sunflower seeds. After that I actually felt a bit hungry, because I normally eat salad as a side dish only. But after a while hunger was gone.

sweet potatoe banana soup

This sweet potatoe banana soup was one of my fav recipes! Very sweet and exotic, exactly the way I like it. I had enough energy throughout the whole day and had no cravings for sweet or other food (which is rare for me).

Day 2


I felt a bit weak when I woke up, but after all those fresh fruits I felt great!


For lunch I had a kohlrabi soup with hazelnuts. As I love kohlrabi in any kind of food, I really enjoyed this soup, too. As I later had a private class, training and an aerial hoop class I took an apple with me to the studio as snack. The original plan didn´t include any snacks, but with that much sports I felt like I needed a few more calories and some extra energy. I had a really intense training without feeling tired although I normally eat a lot more calories and carbs on training days normally.


After training I had that well deserved green smoothie. The last time I made one it tasted horrible but this one with cucumber, avocado, corn salad, apple and some fresh herbs was great! And it was super filling, I even didn´t manage to drink all of it.

Day 3


Last day started with porridge and fruits. My fav breakfast of the three I had during these days. There is nothing better than a warm and creamy breakfast and sweet fruits to start your day.


For lunch I had this delicios pepper soup.


A few hours later I felt a bit hypoglycemic and decided to add again a snack before my classes. I had to teach two classes and wanted to be fit for my students of course. So I had some porridge with banana and a fig. After that I felt ready for my classes.


Afterwards I had veggies with an avocado dip. Perfect to snack in front of the TV.



The three day detox diet was definitly a good experience! I expected to feel often hungry and that it would be hard to eat no sweets and only a few carbs. But with the food plan it was easy to follow it. With some extra calories I also felt fit all the time and could train and teach without feeling weak or dizzy.

I also lost lots of weight. On friday morning after my last detox day I only had 53.5, my lowest weight so far. This would mean a weight loss of 2kg which would be a bit too much for such a short period. But weight always changes daily, so maybe it was just a lucky day. Let´s see what my scale says tomorrow. I would be more than happy if I just would be back to my old weight of 54kg.

Two students even noticed I lost weight and that my muscles looked more defined. Although I´m doing this for my own happiness and health it felt great that others notice changes, too.

During the detox diet I drank about 2L of water every day. Which is a lot for me, I bought 2L-bottles to make it easier. Maybe this helped my weight loss, too. Everyone knows you should drink a lot if you want to loose weight, but we all also know how hard it can be.

I will definitly stick to a few things I learned during the last days. I even made an exact food plan for the next three days. This helps me to eat healthy, shop healthy and I only shop what I need, so nothing will be wasted. If I needed only a half orange on friday, I made sure to include the rest of it into another meal. I also try to eat a bit more alkaline now and of course I want to keep going with drinking 2L. What I really can´t stick to, is eating no sweets at all and I will definitly eat more calories again.

I think I will incoporate detox diets more often into my life, at least a single day a few times a month. But I would never do it longer than three days as the calory deficit is definitly too high for a longer period.

And to finish it, here is a progress photo for you after my detox diet (sorry for the bad quality).



Did you ever try a detox diet and how were your experiences with it? If you haven´t it would might be worth to give it a chance for 2-3 days 😉


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