Vegan in Salzburg

Has been  a while since my last post, but I have been on holidays and afterwards I had so much work. But better late than never 😉 After our holidays in croatia we decided to stay a few more days in Salzburg on our way back home. We wanted to have a few more days to relax and do some sightseeing. Right when we arrived I noticed that we had lots of vegan options right around the corner. So let me share with you how amazing Salzburg is for vegans!

The reason why I want to share this if you is that many people think traveling as a vegan is difficult, but I want to show you that it really isn´t 🙂



indian vegan food

We arrived in the afternoon on monday and were super tired from a 6h drive with lots of traffic. So we decided to have our first diner in our hotel bed. I found a indian restaurant close which had a seperate category for their vegan dishes which made it super easy for me to find the right one. No asking, no need to look for lists of ingredients – that´s a big plus for me.

vegan apple cake

While we waited for the food we went to „Frau von Gruen“ a little shop which also has some snacks and vegan cakes. Of course I couldn´t resist to buy a vegan apple cake for dessert.




Because of all the food last evening I wasn´t really hungry in the morning. So we took our dogs and just walked through Salzburg without a plan where we wanted to go. We just kept walking wherever we wanted, such a beautiful city.

starbucks smoothie

For breakfast I later had a Brezel and a fresh smoothie.

spicy spices daily dish

For lunch we went to Spicy Spice. They have a daily dish which is very cheap. I love having lots of different stuff to try on my plate and all of it was tasty! After that we went to the park at the Mirabellen palace. Aren´t those flowers lovely?!

raw vegan cake and chocolate

After a little walk and rest in the park we decided to get some coffe at „The heart of Joy“. I ordered my first raw vegan cake and a Xylit Chocolate with soy milk. Especially the cake was amazing! The chocolate was okay, it could have been a bit more intense, but at least it included no sugar and was cruelty free. So I don´t mind if it doesn´t taste perfect 🙂


After so much food I felt like I needed to move a bit. So I did some cardio for 30min in the gym of the hotel and some stretching afterwards.

vegan burger

In the evening we had these delicious burgers. The restaurant serves vegan and bio beef burgers, which is good if you want to go for diner with non-vegan friends. We had our burgers with sweet potatoe fries – yummi!



vegan breakfast

Anyone else loves hotel breakfast?! I love it so much ^^ As a vegan I first thought it would be difficult, but there were enough options for me. bread and buns are normally vegan, I topped it with vegan margarine, jam and vegetables.

vegan breakfast

For the muesli I just brought my own soy milk and made sure to pick cereals without chocolate as those include milk. They also had some warm options which maybe were vegan (mushrooms and potatoes), but for breakfast those dishes had too much fat for me.


As we had a lot of breakfast in the hotel we didn´t need lunch, I just got a few figs. In the evening we went to my fav restaurant of our days at Salzburg: Organic Pizza. They serve vegan and non-vegan pizza and both are beyond delicious! Everyone who is in Salzburg should eat there once 😉

strawberry sorbet

For dessert we had some raspberry sorbet together. Perfect last evening!



mini mouse

Thursday it was time to travel back home. But before we did so we went shopping on those two big shopping centres in Salzburg. Back home we picked up some chinese food boxes and had a relaxed evening on the couch. Felt so good to be back in my place. Although I love traveling, it is always nice to be back home, to cook again, work and study at my desk and come back to my beloved studio and teach again <3

How are your experiences with traveling as a vegan? Leave a comment to share it with us!

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