London #4

Our last day at London is over and it could not have been better. Today were the finals of World Polesport Championships, so we had to concentrate on our show.

green and brown coffee In the morning we decided to go out for breakfast as we had plenty of time until our show and we wanted to have a relaxed time before.
I knew that it had some vegan breakfast and also typical english ones which our boyfriends wanted to try.


I had this delicious avo toast and a healthy juice. I don´t know any cafe which offers avocado toast and is close to me, loved it so much!


When I saw that they even had vegan cake I couldn´t resist. This destroyed my healthy breakfast, but this chocolate raspberry cake was worth it. And I will be soon back in German where you don´t get vegan cake that easily, so I had to take the chance.


After a walk back to the hotel with a stop in a park, it was already tme to get ready for our show. I think I´m slowly getting better at doing our make up. Maybe I should take part at a workshop once or try to get a good book about it for our next competition, so I am prepared.


Backstage with the double who performed just before us. Such lovely ladies, smiling and having fun all time. Let´s hope we are as relaxed as these two before a competition one day. We were a bit less nervous than yesterday. Everything went so well, our performance was even better than yesterday!


And so we finished up in place four!!! We couldn´t believe, I still can´t. This is so much more than we ever expected or dreamed of. It´s just crazy!!


Afterwards it was shopping time! There were so many beautiful pole clothes and accessoires. Special thanks to Dragonfly who gave us those beautiful pole outfits. I´m so in love with the new mint color. And I finally got a Milakrasna Short (bottom photo) as well as red velvet leggings by RAD:


After the Ultra Pole Compeition – which was incredible by the way – it was time to announce the winners. Yvonne Haug from our German team made it again: World Champion in her category with an amazing score and show. She is really a great inspiration not only because of the crazy tricks she does on stage and how perfectly her moves look but also because of her character and dedication.



After time it was time for this tasty dinner. Vegetable curry and a starter filled with veggies of which I forgot the name. I maybe was too hungry after that long day. It was already 10:30 pm when we arrived at the restaurant.


This will be my last post from London as we travel back home tomorrow. I enjoyed this journey so much and all the vegan food which seemed to be just everywhere. Wish I had a few more days here for more sightseeing, visiting street food markets and relaxing in these beautiful parks around here.

But I´m also looking forward to being together with my dogs soon and teaching my students again! And training all the amazing stuff I saw on stage here 😉

Have a good night and a great start in a new week!

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