My Week #4

It has been a long time since I documented a whole week! But this week was so exciting that it will make it to my blog.


20161113_120729I got booked for my first contortion show this year! Performing as a contortionist was one of my biggest dreams, so this means a lot to be. I was also booked for a pole dance shows on wednesday, so I spent my weekend with preparing the choreogaphies, picking costumes and my music. I haven´t created a routine for myself for such a long time, so I was super motivated.

Monday morning after that super yummi waffles for breakfast I went to the studio to train my routines, I went through both of them for two times – damn that was hard. If you haven´t danced choreographies for a while you feel it in your whole body, I had arms like jelly afterwards.


After 2,5h of training I decided to relax a bit instead of starting to work right away. So I took a hot bath, had some vegan chocolate and read a book. After my break and lunch I answered mails, prepared my classes and did some paperwork which took me the whole afternoon until it was time to leave for my classes at the studio. After my advanced class on monday I´m always warmed up and like to go on with stretching right afterwards. As I did my contortion routine in the morning I focused on my legs in the evening.


After that busy day I went to bed quite early as I wanted to get up early on the next day for more training.





Tuesday I got up early as planned and had the luck to see this beautiful sunrise which reminded me how great early mornings can be if you start them right. As I wanted to start training before our morning class in the studio I prepared some overnight oats the night before. Totally forgot how delicious these are!


I started my training with one hour of pole training for my show, then the students and other teacher arrived so I went on with some oversplit training. I managed to do a 43cm oversplit on my good side which is the best so far for me 🙂 After the class I worked on my contortion routine. Everything went good and I felt ready for my shows tomorrow!


The rest of the day I spent with my boyfriend – thanks for the well needed massage my darling :* In the evening we went to one of my favourite restaurants, an asian all you can eat buffet with teriyaki. You can either mix your own dish with fresh vegetables, noodles (of course also fish and meat if you want that) or eat prepared food. They had two vegan dishes which were already ready to eat and really tasty, but I always prefer to mix my own meal 🙂 Perfect if you go out with non-vegan friends.



20161116_104520 20161116_134729 Wednesday it was showtime! So today I did no training to save my strength and energy for the performances. Instead I studied almost the whole day. I often don´t have as much time to study as I want to, so whenever I manage to find some time to start learning I just can´t stop. But I think that´s nothing to worry about.


In the evening we went to Stuttgart to the Gazi Stadion where my shows should be. One hour before I started to warm up for my contortion show as it was my first show I wanted to have plenty of time to get ready for it. Unfortunetaly the show began about one hour later, so I had to stay warm and flexy for a quite long time. But I love stretching so I didn´t mind just stretching a bit longer 😉


I performed right in the middle of the audience, so I had to be careful with some moves. You don´t want to kick your audience… But everything went well, I hurt nobody, didn´t loose balance and it just felt so good to perform this show! All the positive feelings afterwards and the great feedback, I was so happy! And I knew that I wanted to do more contortion shows and train even harder now.

The video is already on youtube if you want to see my show.


After my contortion show I had a little break to eat, relax and then get ready for the next show. Sadly I never performed that second show. The people were all getting drunk faster than expected and everyone was celebrating and dancing so that we decided to cancel the pole dance show instead of interrupting the party. But as my contortion show went so good, this was still a successful evening for me and hopefully I can soon perform the pole choreography somewhere else.





I haven´t been to the gym for weeks, I can´t even remember when the last time was. But this week I finally found time for it again. After my fav breakfast (chocolate oats and green tea) I did a intense leg workout. After such a long break it wasn´t easy but super fun.

screenshot_20161117-121407 screenshot_20161117-125919 screenshot_20161117-125853



What I like most about being at the gym is that it makes my body super warm and flexible! I love to stretch afterwards especially since there is a new and bigger stretching area now. Normally the stretching area is very empty and I can focus on my training. I don´t like when there is to much audience, although it´s sometimes really interesting and funny to hear what other people think about it and to answer their questions. My fav comment that day was of a guy who was doing some stretches, too: „I´m so sorry that I kept staring at you but I have never seen someone do something like that. Watching this makes me feel a bit sick…“.


After my training I had a super hot bubble bath to relax my muscles and a protein shake. I just started to drink protein again this week as I trained so much. I mix half a banana with some berries, soy milk and a neutral vegan protein. I don´t like protein shakes with a taste as they taste so unnaturally to me so I prefer to mix my powder with fresh fruits.


For lunch I had risotto, one of my favourite meals. I love to mix it with anything I can find like mushrooms, avocado, blueberries, tomatoes, pear and this time with pumpkin. You can find the recipe for the avocado risotto on my blog here.

In the evening I had three classes to teach: Handbalancing, Bendy Power (why the hell did I do that super intense leg warm up xD) and my advanced pole class. All my fav classes in one day 🙂 After the classes I already started to feel my legs…




Friday I almost couldn´t get out of my bed, my legs were hurting like hell!! My muscles were so sore from yesterday. Eevery movement was painful, but muscle soreness is a positive pain for me 🙂 My breakfast wasn´t really healthy that day. But we haven´t been food shopping for too long, so the only option were fruit loops.I don´t really like fruit loops, but at least they are vegan and better than eating nothing 😀

After breakfast I went to the studio to train with my bendy girl Tina for our performance in december. We are booked for an aerial hoop double and I will also perform a pole dance double show at the same event with my double partner Bianca. This will be so much fun!


After our training I went to the gym for a short cardio session, stretch my sore muscles a bit and then relaxed in the sauna. Back home I worked on my laptop for a while and then did some handstand training to finish the day.





No muesli today for me, vegan chocolate and my fav vegan cheese by Wilermsburger instead (you can get it at Rewe and Real). On Saturday morning I packed my bags for our short trip to Switzerland as I was booked for another contortion show. It is the first time I got booked for a show outside of Germany 😀

20161119_121711My lovely boyfriend and my dogs were coming with me, so we left a bit earlier and also decided to stay for a night so we could spent some time together and enjoy Winterthur.


First thing we did when we arrived was a walk to this little vegan shop. We arrived just 30min before closing time, but unfortunately the doors were already closed. But they have a website where you can order their products. They have vegan cakes and tarts but also lots of other vegan stuff. If you ever are in Winterthur in Switzerland you should definitly go there!! I´m so sad I didn´t get the chance, but I will definitly place an order at their online shop.


Afterwards we went to the old town into a vegetarian restaurant named Tibits. They have a buffet with lots of different vegetarian and vegan dishes. You can pick whatever you want and then pay for it depending on the weight. They even had vegan dessert, I had some mango mousse. Everything without exception was super tasty! And I like that they mark which dishes are vegan, so you don´t have to ask each time. It is a bit expensive maybe, but totally worth it.


After diner we took a walk through the old town and got some roast chestnuts. You can´t really see them on the photo, but aren´t those dogs cute?! Those hot chestnuts are typical for Switzerland and it was the first time for me to eat them. They taste not very intense, but good and the heat of them was perfect for that cold evening.

20161119_210832 20161119_211309

After a little break in the hotel it was time to get ready for the show. I had my own little changing room for my warm up with fruits and water and everyone was super friendly and helpful. The show was awesome, too! The organizer was a bit worried that the audience might be a bit uneasy, but they were great!



After the show we went back to the hotel and to Mc Donalds. Not really healthy – I know – but after shows I often feel the need to eat something just like that. We all have our guilty pleasures. 😉




Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel. They had no veggies, so all my breakfast was sweet. But that fresh super tasty fruit salad compensated that 🙂

20161120_132642 20161120_131320 On our way back home we went to the largest waterfalls of Europe: the rhine falls. So beautiful and we had perfect sunny weather. We went for a walk over the river to the castle on the other side. After that little walk up the hills and back down Spike was so tired I had to carry him.


Now I am back home, the dogs are sleeping on the couch and I´m writing this blog. And my boyfriend topped this amazing week with some Chili sin carne. Gonna finish this day now with some light stretching and watching TV with my love. Hope you enjoy your sunday evening, too, so we can all start fresh into a new week!



I enjoyed this week so much, it was the perfect balance of work, training, studying and fun for me. Time to set goals for the next week so it becomes an amazing and successful week, too!

My top three goals for next week:

  1. I need to work more on my handstand press up again, it became a bit worse after I neglected it a bit.

2. I want to do my leg workout again, so I get used to it.

3. Spent one day without any work.


Do you have any current goals or set regular small goals? Would love to hear about them, so leave me a comment if you want to share your objectives! 🙂


[Sorry for any typos, I am too tired to read over my post again]


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