My reasons for being vegan

As a vegan you get often asked what your reasons are for eating vegan. I think the better question would be how you can be not vegan?! How you can eat meat and drink milk although animals have to be hurt so you can enjoy such products. But before I was vegan I would have asked the same question 😉 So I don´t mind explaining my reasons and hope it even makes others think about their food, too.

I would never force somebody to go vegan or judge others for eating meat, but I still want to make others aware of the pain it can cause to animals and about the bad conditions they have to live in. So I want to share my reasons for being vegan with you 🙂


Why I went vegan

Let me first explain you why I went vegan. My reason for it was very simple and maybe different to most others. I wanted to do a ten day vegan challenge for the new year and decided to try eating vegan for ten days. I looked at horrible photos, watched short videos and read texts about milk cows, pigs and chicken to prevent myself to give up or cheat.

After those ten days these pictures were burned into my mind and I couldn´t forget them, so I knew there was no way back. I didn´t force myself to go vegan, I just wanted it and did it as good as I could.
I didn´t eat perfectly vegan in the beginning, it has been a process for me which is still not finished. In the beginning I still ate vegetarian at restaurants for example. I don´t do that anymore now besides if it is super difficult to get something vegan I like. But my life is slowly getting more and more vegan. I just baked my own cake last weekend to avoid buying a non-vegan one at the bakery (I love cake sooo much and couldn´t resist it at the beginning), I only buy vegan beauty products now, got my first vegan handbag and just checked which vegan winter shows I could get.

Going vegan was the first step for me to a new life but staying vegan was the second and more important one. So here are my personal reasons why I am still vegan.

(First one is not the most important one, it´s just a random order.)


Why I stay vegan


Of course vegan food doesn´t have to be healthy. But most people who go vegan start to eat healthier without much effort. I had stomach cramps at night for almost half a year and never found out the reason although I did several tests and spent lots of time at different doctors. After I changed my eating habit and began to eat vegan and more healthy my cramps were suddenly gone. I felt like new born – sleeping all night, not waking up in pain, it felt so good!
I also noticed after a while that I needed less sleep. Even if I don´t set the alarm clock I wake up early and feel fresh. Sure there are days where I want to stay in bed, but most days I have more energy. Even after a long day with lots of work I feel fit.


Animal Love

I have always loved animals, as a child I even buried mouses and birds I found dead on the street in our garden. Maybe a bit weird, but children sometimes do crazy things to show their love. ^.^
Of course everyone knows that the meat we eat is a dead animal. But we need to think about it, learn where exactly our food comes from and what the animals have to go through to understand how cruel it is to eat it. It´s easy to just close our eyes and mind because we don´t want to know those horrible things. But the truth is always there no matter if we ignore it.
Now that I know all that, I always see the animal instead of the meat, I think about the calf who was taken aways from his mum when I see milk and I think about the male chicken who had to die when I see eggs. Having all this in my mind I just don´t want to eat all those products anymore, it makes me feel bad, sad and sometimes I just feel like it is too disgusting.
So if you love animals like me, don´t close your eyes and mind – look at the truth, the horrible photos and videos. I´m happy I did it although it wasn´t easy to see all the pain.


Eating Habits

I tried lots of new food when I went vegan and also new recipes of course. Now I don´t always eat the same breakfast, I eat porridge, musli, mug cakes, banana pancakes, smoothies,… So many tasty options! It´s the same for lunch and dinner. I often can´t wait to finally have breakfast again because of all those great variations and I enjoy cooking a lot more. My boyfriend even said I cook better now ^.^
But I do not only eat more different food, I also eat healthier and care more about what I eat. Once you go vegan, you of course have to think about food and this just made me think about more aspects of my eating habits. I eat less sweets, less pre-cooked food and junk food. I still eat a bit of everything but in healthy amounts.


It´s easy!

Before I tried it I thought it is too hard for me. I´m sure most non-vegans think the same. But once I tried it I noticed it is so easy – really! Especially since there are more and more vegan products in all supermarkets, even the smaller ones. If you can´t believe how simple it is, try it for a few days like I did it.

Those are my main reasons, there are lots more of course. Being vegan has so many positive aspects for our mind, bodies, for the animals and the nature.

Would love to hear what your reasons are for being vegan or vegetarian or maybe your reasons which prevent you from going vegan! Leave me a comment to tell me your reasons or if you have questions <3

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