My Week #3

Again another week is over, this week was super busy and full of training. Planned to finish the week with a relaxed evening on the couch. But after finishing my blog, I had to learn that I should save it from time to time while writing. I just finished my weekly blog post when my site crashed and everthing was gone. So I had to do it all again. First important lesson in my beginner blogger life ^^




I started my week with teaching a private class on monday morning and afterwards had my first serious pole training after my rip injury. Felt so great and it was a very successful training! I worked on  a few strength moves, some re grip stuff and tried to make my Fonji cleaner. I kept it short to see how my injury would react. If you want to see what I worked on watch my video below.

In the evening I taught my weekly advanced pole class and afterwards headed home for a quick handstand training. I tried those leg circles. So hard to balance and make them look smooth in a handstand, but at least I have something new to work on now 🙂 I posted a video on my instagram account _julia_wahl_ if you want to see it.


Pole Dance Double

I met my double partner for some training like almost  every Tuesday evening. We have only a few days left until we fly to London for the World Polesport Championships and couldn´t train as much as we wanted until now. My partner has been on holidays and afterwards I was injured, perfect timing… So now we try to train as much as we can! Next week on Thursday we will be sitting in the plane to London and we want to feel confident with our performance when we leave.




Today I did a 15min HIIT Workout in the morning with lots of Squat Jumps, Lunges and other leg exercises. My legs were so sore for the next days. But I know this makes me stronger, so I don´t mind the pain.
Ankle Grab

I was so warm afterwards that I decided to add some stretching. Still aiming for an oversplit with a chair which is about 45cm. But I feel like I´m stuck and maybe need to change my stretching routine. Also did a little back stretching session, which was more fruitful, finally managed to balance the ankle grab for a longer time. But it still needs a lot of work until it will feel secure.

Aerial Hoop Chest Stand

In the evening I finally got back into my aerial hoop. My contortion partner sent me a lovely combination of another aerialist and I had to try it right away! But my highlight was the move on the photo: a cheststand in the hoop. I dreamed of this move since I started pole but thought it would be way too hard. It´s quite scary but not as difficult as it looks. The video is also on my insta if you want to see the whole combination.

Afterwards my double partner and me did two run-throughs of our routine. It went pretty good, it´s not perfect yet but we are improving a little each time. Finished the evening with teaching my aerial hoop class.




Planned to do some cardio at the gym after an appointment in the morning, but the weather was so great that I decided to go for a run outside. It was so rainy during the last days and today it was finally sunny again. Good that I was already my workout outfit so I could just stop at the next forest. I only run for 15-20min as I had three classes to teach tonight and didn´t want be tired then.



Pole Dance Double

Friday was reserved for more double training for the championship next week. We are still so nervous as soon as our music begins to play. But I think that´s okay if you have only a few days left until you take part at world championships ^^



This was an exhausting day! In the morning I had a private class, afterwards my double partner came to the studio for a few more run-throughs of our routine and then I had to prepare for my hoop show which was at the same day. It was a very spontaneous show so I couldn´t prepare earlier.



Luckily one of the trainers at my studio taught my sunday classes so I could train again with my double partner Bianca. Today we finally could focus more on details as we feel more secure with our choreography and moves now. This was definitly a successfull training. Also did our first „Affenbaum“. Google it, this is just a fun sport and perfect for any duo acrobats 😉


Tried some recipes from the cookbook „Happy Vegan“ this week and loved them all! If you look for a good vegan cookbook I can definitly recommend it to you. It doesn´t only include healthy and simple recipes, it also includes a lot of other tipps if you want to eat healthy and lose weight.

BreakfastChihuahua Mix

Monday morning it was beautiful outside, so Cookie and me had breakfast outside. I had soy yoghurt with fruits and soy flakes.

Spaghetti Bolognese

As I gained some weight due to the wedding last week, I had this low carb carrot noodles on monday. Of course this is no real mincemeat. I used „Vegetarisches Mühlenhack“ by Rügenwalder Mühle.

vegan peach dessert

This little treat is from the cookbook I mentioned above. It´s a peach casserole which you just put in the microwave. It´s finished in 5min and so delicious!

peanut pasta

And another „Happy Vegan“ recipe: Peanut Noodles! This photo waters my mouth because it was so tasty. I added cucumber, shallots and broccoli. Yummi 🙂

Joghurtbombeyoghurt bomb

This has been my fav dessert before I started to eat vegan. Last week I decided to check what happens when I just replace the milk products by soy products. I´m so happy with the result, it´s a bit less fluffy and more creamy instead, but I think that doesn´t matter and it tastes great (non-vegan approved). This showd me again how easy being vegan really is.


First time I baked for breakfast. This recipe was super simple and quickly fnished, so it was perfect for the morning. The sausage you can see is of course vegan. I finally found one which tastes good. I don´t like those darker ones. This one includes soy and pea protein and some sweet pepper.

vegan burger

My first selfmade burger based on beans! Found the recipe again the cookbook „Happy Vegan“. I ate it with some sweet potato fries and broccoli. Definitly gonna try more vegan burger recipes.

vegan chocolate muffin

Thursday was the birthday of one of my students so I baked this vegan chocolate muffins with chocolate chunks and took them to the studio with me. Nobody noticed they were vegan. I used a vegan finished baking mixture by RUF which I found at Edeka.

vegan pancakes

Tried a new pancake recipe this week. Instead of bananas it includes apple puree. I will definitly try how this fits to my mug cakes. I think it will taste great with some cinnamon.

avocado risotto

I love any kind of risotto! Wanted to try something new this time so I looked for a new ingredient in my kitchen and then decided to add some avocado and tomatoes. The tofu on the left is basil tofu by Tukan, I really like all their soy products. They are always very well-flavored.

currant mug cake

My friend brought me some currants from her garden. So I made this mug cake with them. It´s the same recipe I use for the chocolate mug cake here. I just didn´t use cocoa and instead added currants and topped it with some coconut crunchies.

Everything Else

Didn´t have much time for private stuff left this week because of all the training, teaching, paperwork, appointments and my performance. So there is not much to tell you. My highlight of the week definitly was my performance on saturday.

Aerial Hoop Show

Aerial Hoop

I got asked to perform at a confirmands camp because the planned act canceled the show just two days before. I´m so happy I agreed to it. Not only because I was able to perform in a cicurs tend but also because this turned out to be a very special performance for me. My audience was about 13-15 years old I guess, I expected them to be not too interested. But then they cheered so much during my performance and everyone was so impressed. It reminded me of how magical and special an arial show is for people who don´t know it or don´t see it often. To me it feels so normal when I fly in the air or around the pole and it was so great to notice all that positive and happy energy. This will defnitly stay in my mind and it reminded me again why I love performing so much.

To finish this post I want to share my favourite photos of my last photoshooting with you. Next week I might do a daily report while I´m in London instead of my weekly post. Please keep your fingers crossed for my double partner and me next saturday!

Pole Dance SpinEagle

Aerial Hoop Back Balance


Wish you all a good start into the next week! Do what you love 😉

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