Vegan in the Black Forest

Warning: This post will contain lots of delicious food, don´t read it if you are hungry 😉

After all the shows in the end of 2016 I needed a break, so me and my boyfriend decided to travel to the Black Forest in a wellness hotel. Most people think it is easier to be vegan in big cities, but we went far away from any big city and we still found a hotel which served vegan food. I made the same experience a few times last year, once in a restaurant in my hometown with my family (only 11.000 citizens). The restaurant had an alternating vegan dish every day and a few weeks later in a even smaller town with only 3000 citizens in a traditional restaurant they served vegan food, too. It´s always worth checking the menue, even if you don´t expect vegan food. But let me tell you more about our lovely holidays now!

Day 1

After new year´s eve we picked up the dogs at my parent´s house and had lunch together before we left for our holidays. I was so surprised to find lots of vegan food in the kitchen of my mum. She had already eaten vegetarian years ago and still doesn´t eat lots of meat. But seeing her change some of her eating habits was so great! Instead of her muesli with curd she mixes it now with „Alpro Go On“ (a vegan soy alternative), she also bought vegan cheese, vegan cream cheese, vegan nuggets and more. I wish everyone would notice how easy it is to reduce animal cruelty, every little step towards veganism is great. Maybe reading some of the vegan books I had with me during christmas days helped as she had a look into them, too.

After lunch we drove to the hotel. Swimming pool, several saunas, nature all around us, snow, my boyfriend and dogs, lots of vegan food and just lots of time to relax. I have not much to tell about our day because we were lazy all time, we just enjoyed the wellness area, read a lot and went for long walks with our dogs in the snow. So I want to just share some photos with you this time.

Each dinner started with a different soup and a salad bar, followed by this tasty main course ( I was to full for dessert the first day, what a shame…).

Kohlrabi-Schnitzel with rice and pepper sauce.

Day 2

Instead of the breakfast buffet the cook prepared a vegan breakfast for me every day. The first one included a little quinoa salad with carrots, vegan cheese, a something which tasted like a mix of pudding and apple. It was all super fresh and tasty.

After all the food it was time for our first walk in the snow.

Afterwards we warmed up in the swimming pool and sauna, relaxed in our room and in the evening I got this great dinner (of course with soup and salad as well).

Day 3

Nothing better than starting your day with pancakes!

And of course we spent more time in the snow at this beautiful lake.

Back in the hotel my boyfriend had coffe and cake while I had green tea and some fresh fruits which they prepared for me because there was no vegan cake at the hotel.

And our last great dinner (after cauliflower soup and salad bar).

Day 4

After three nights it was time to leave the hotel, but not without another great breakfast. This time with muesli with apples and cinnamon.


If you want super relaxed vegan wellness holidays in Germany I can totally recommend this hotel. Everyone was so friendly, the food was great and it is perfect if you love to stay in the nature. If you want to party and go for shopping, this is definitly not a place for you 😉

The hotel we stayed at was called „Holzschuh´s Schwarzwaldhotel“, but there are even more hotels in the Black Forest which offer vegan options.

Hope everyone else began the new year as relaxed and happy as me! <3

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