My Week #5

I had a super busy and exhausting week, but I love those busy weeks. Nevertheless I could really need a rest day now (for my body and my mind). Two more days of work and training and then on wednesday I will give myself a well deserved break. It´s been too long since I had a whole free day. I´m already looking forward to a day of being lazy and just doing whatever I want.

Before I tell you a bit about my productive week, I want to give you a little update on what is going on in my life currently. I will soon close one of my studios, but might start franchising with one of my employees, I finished my exam for this semester (still waiting for the result though), got accepted for a traineeship with a sports psychologist and started to plan my first showcase.

I hope the upcoming week will be more realxed and with less work and appointments than this one as april and may will be two very busy months for me. I will start my traineeship in the beginning of april and will have to train more for the germany pole dance championships which will be held in the end of may. I might compete solo again this year, but I want to wait if I have enough time for it before I register.




I started my day super early with this delicious cherry porrdige as I wanted to train before we had to go to the vet. My boyfriend and me got up at 7am – I´m not used to that anymore – and went to the studio. I finally want to learn that backflip into aysha and my love was so kind to spot me. I´m way too scared to try this one alone. It helped me so much, I think I could already do it alone now if I wouldn´t be too afraid. After that he did his workout while I did some leg stretching and added a little back bend in the end so I could take a nice photo for you 😉

Once we finished our training and the appointment at the vet we went to a store to buy new decoration for our appartment, so I could finally get rid of all the winter decoration.

As this took us the whole morning, I had a super quick lunch: creamed spinach with wholegrain pasta. Creamed spinach has always been one of my favourite meals since I was a child. Luckily the vegan variation tastes as good as the one I remember from my mum.

After a short lunch break it was time to do paperwork, plan my week, answer emails, prepare my classes … I don´t want to bore you that with that stuff.

It was a lot of work, so after a nice walk with my dogs in the sun I already had to leave for my evening classes.



Tuesday I had again an appointment in the morning, so I got up super early once more to do my splits training. I´m currently doing a training plan which a professional contortion trainer created for me to improve my oversplits as I was a bit stuck. I´ve been doing it for three weeks now and already see some progress. My middle splits are a lot better, I can stretch my left side again without pain (which makes me soooo happy) and on the right side I didn´t improve the height of my oversplit yet, but my technic got a lot better.

Once I finished my morning workout we left for a meeting with a company that works with robots and wants to make a promotional video including a pole dancer. It´s the first time I do such a project and I´m so excited about this! They have great ideas and I think we will create something amazing together,

After the meeting we went to a shop which only sells vegan stuff (Talea Goes Vegan in Stuttgart). Heaven!! It was hard to not buy too much as they had many products I can´t buy in the stores which are close to my home. But I will get back there for sure, this shop is worth driving a bit further.

For lunch we went to a cute vegan restaurant (Super Jami in Stuttgart). I had the goulash with spätzle and my boyfriend chili sin carne. It was really super jami. I couldn´t resist getting some cake for take away before we left which I ate later at home after finishing my daily tasks (paperwork and such stuff).

I love to drink this vegan hot chocolate instead of coffee. It includes caffeine, too, and you can buy it with different tastes like cinammon for example. We also wanted to book our summer holidays that day, but we didn´t manage to decide which apartment we want to book. It will be our first holidays with our dogs at the beach. I can´t wait to see my cuties in the sand at the sea!

In the evening I went to the studio to train with my double partner and finished the training with some backbending. It´s so hard for me to do an oversplit in my needle scale, but with the help of a pole I managed to do a small oversplit. We all have our nemesis moves… 😉



In the morning I met Lino, a circus artist and trainer and we did some acro doubles together. Normally he is the base of course but it was fun to switch roles. We trained about one hour before he had to teach classes so I went to my studio afterwards. I planned to prepare some stuff for my classes but ended up working on a crazy contortion trick. It took me about one hour to figure out how to get into this move and how to balance it. It was one of those days where my back just felt stiff all the time and stretching it was super hard. But I think the result was worth it!

After all the training I finished my office work as fast as I could so I had some time to relax in the evening. I enjoyed some selfmade sushi with carrots and avocado, relaxed on the couch with my boyfriend and dogs while watching a movie and finally had time to start reading a book about sports psychology which I bought weeks ago.



Thursday was leg day! I enjoyed it so much to be at the gym after so many weeks. My leg workout always warms me up perfectly for some deep backbends. I managed to do my first headsit with closed legs (so wobbly) and I think my chair pose improved a bit, too. I had sore legs for the next few days but not as much as expected after such a long break.

I spent my whole morning at the gym. I don´t go often to it, but once I am there I love to stay very long. Back home I had a super long and relaxed walk with my dogs. We found a new beautiful path and the sunny weather was just perfect. To make the day perfect I had a nice pole workout in the evening with some friends at my studio and a late night leg stretching session at home.



As I trained daily during the last days and most days even twice I decided to have a wellness morning at home. I took a hot bath, got a face mask, did my nails and spent some time on reading. Afterwards I felt so relaxed and ready to prepare everything for tonight´s show. We had to leave right after lunch because the show was a bit further away. I´m so thankful that my boyfriend always is with me when I have shows, I´m a lot more nervous when he isn´t with me and he is so helpful whenever he accompanies me.

The show was so much fun. I love performing so much. I haven´t done lots of shows this year yet, but there is still enough time for lots of great shows! I uploaded the video on youtube if you want to see my show. It was a freestlye, but I always pick a few tricks which I want to show on stage before my shows.



I enjoyed a nice relaxed breakfast. Breakfast is definitly one of my favourite meals of the day 🙂 After that I had a meeting at my studio with some teachers and students because we are planning to do a showcase in october. So we met to brainstorm ideas for shows, arrange tasks, pick a name for our show and so on. Everyone was so creative, it was great!

Once we finished I drove to my family where this delicious vegan cake made by my mum was already waiting. It had a biscuit base topped with vanilla pudding and fresh strawberries. My grandparents also had a surprise for me: vegan chocolate and some other sweets. I´m so pleased to have such an awesome family. We spent the whole day together, eating cake, walking with the dogs and just talking. My mum even found a potential new studio room with high ceiling, how amazing is that?! Getting a larger studio has been in my mind for a year now, maybe it´s the right moment now 🙂



Sunday is our cleaning day, but as it was such a beautiful sunny day so that I decided to first prepare my classes in the sun of our living room and then we went for a long nice walk with our cuties Spike and Cookie.

After my classes I did my splits training hoping for more progress. But it wasn´t my best day, so I just added a back bend and was surprised how deep I could go without stretching my back before. I was pretty warm from stretching my legs of course, which helped a lot. Would be great if it would be always that easy. Unfortunately I didn´t have time to stretch my back more because the cleaning was still waiting…

I ended my week with some selfmade vegan pizza, reading and writing this blog post 😉


Feeling ready now for a new week with new adventures and new challenges!


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