My Week #1

Last week has been great although I couldn´t train as much as I would have loved to due to a little injury, but it was full of tasty foods, lovely times with my boyfriend and some great shopping achievements. So this was definitly a successful week for me!




Gym Training

I changed my training routine at the gym the week before with one of the trainers of my gym. Changing your training from time to time is so important if you want to make progress and it is also great to stay motivated.

Before I did a basic circuit training which included all main muscle groups. Now we created a two split training plan. One unit includes shoulders, chest, arms and back muscles and the other one legs and abs. This seperation of the muscles is perfect for me. If I have an intense pole training in the evening I can now train my lower body in the morning at the gym and keep the strength of my arms for the evening training.

I also started to train with weights and not only machines, which I really enjoy as I never did it before. Monday was my first gym session this week in which I trained my upper body as I only had to teach some classes in the evening and no other training was planned. The sore muscles the next day felt great! I hardly get muscle soreness, so this is a great outcome for me 🙂

I took some before photos so we will hopefully see some results in a few weeks!


Chihuahua Cookie

Unfortunetaly I woke up with intense rip pain on Tuesday, so I took a day off from training and instead had a relaxed day at home and used my free time for working on my blog, studying and paperwork.



Morning Run

Today I went for an early morning run. As it is very hot during the days now I love to run early and feel the fresh air. I took my dogs with me, but Spike wasn´t really motivated, so it was only a short cardio session. Afterwards I went to the doctor to get my rips checked. It seems like the pain is only an irritated nerve. I have to take some anti-inflammatory aspirin and train less for three days and then wait what happens. So nothing serious 🙂



…was Leg Day! As all exercises don´t move my upper body I could do this without making my injury worse. I think squats became one of my fav new exercises at the gym. Finished my day with some very late split stretching at 11pm. But better late than never right?


Time for a rest day, I didn´t want to stress my rip nerve more, because it´s not much time left until World Championships in London and I want to be fit and ready for this competition.


Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday we had photo shootings with our students at my studio all day. So there was no time left for training. But my rip could need more rest anyway.



This was my second week now without counting calories and I´m so happy that I managed to keep my weight. I want to stay at the same weight for 1-2 more weeks and then maybe try too lose a little bit more. But first I want to get used to my eating habits. I also tried to add some new good habits to my life.

Meal Plan

For lunch and dinner I set a timer of 20min to help me slow down eating – even if it was a super tasty and super hard to eat slow. This works pretty good and I can enjoy my meals now even more. Furthermore I try to finish dinner before 8pm now. Before I normally had dinner when I came home from teaching which is often after 10pm.

I also tend to forget to drink enough,. So I try to drink one class of water each time I eat something and also when I feel hungry or just have an appetite. Sometimes our mind thinks we are hungry although we are thirsty because the brain sends us the same signale for both. So each time you think you are hungry it´s good to drink something first and maybe your hunger will be gone.
Last thing I did was to try a new meal plan which is more flexible. The week before I planned everything on sunday and didn´t stick to it a lot which ended in a chaos on the paper… Didn´t really stick to the new one as well, but I think I just need to get used to it. Let´s hope I can stick to these new habit next week, too! 🙂

I had a lot of delicious food this week and want to share my favourite meals with you! Scroll down to see what I eat – sorry if you get hungry 😉

vegan muesli

This is my basic breakfast, just soy yoghurt, fruits, soy flakes and some spelt crunchies. Simple and quick as well as healthy and lots of proteins.

chocolate oats

Chocolate oats is my favourite breakfast at the moment and the chocoholics of you will love it, too. You can find the recipe in this blogpost: 5 healthy breakfasts

Asia Bowl

My first Asia Bowl and definitly not my last. This was perfect for the hot weather as you can eat it cold. It includes rice, carrots, basil tofu, cucumber and shallot. I mixed a bit more of the peanut dressing and used the rest for a salad the next day.

oven baked sweet potatoe

This was a very simple meal, but yet very delicious. Especially if you are in love with sweet potatoes like me! I just baked in the oven and added vegetables and soy yogurt with herbs.

fake rice with curry

This might first look like rice with curry. But this is fake and low carb rice variations. There will be soon a blog post with my favourite low carb meals including recipes. So keep your eyes open!

avocado pasta

Lots of green food! Avocado pasta with vegan parmesan (just mix cashew, a few yeast flakes and salt), peas, sugar snaps and smoked tofu. I could eat avocado every day, it´s just too yummi!

thai banana blossom salad

thai curry

We found this amazing small thai restaurant named Samphad Thai in Tübingen this week, which has a few vegan dishes. I had this beautiful banana blossom salad as a starter and curry with sweet potatoes and rice as my main course. All their food was made with so much love, you could see it and taste it!


Everything Else


Monday my decoration from Westwing and Impressionen for my new reading corner arrived. Unfortunately the main stuff like the armchair and commode are still missing so I have to wait until I put everything in place.

Onesie Love

Also had two other great shopping achievements, got this cute onesie and some new thongs. I absolutely love onesies for all situation, I have some short and long ones for training, some for sleeping and a few warm and cozy ones for cold days.

Fresh Fruits

Wednesday we went to the the city and shopped some fresh fruits at the weekly market and I bought my first vegan magazine. I don´t like that they don´t use capitals, it´s a bit weird to read. But maybe they had their reasons which I don´t understand yet and the content is really interesting, so I can handle that ^.^


Straddle Handstand

Friday me and my boyfriend harelaxed morning at the thermal bath. It was almost too warm outside, but it was so relaxing and my muscles deserved this little treatment.


After being the whole day at the studio on saturday to support my students at their photoshootings, I went to a friend in the evening for BBQ and watching soccer together. Spike and Cookie found a new super cute and lovely friend: The beauty Peach. Wasn´t easy to get a photo of those three balls of energy.


Sunday we had again photoshootings at the studio the whole day with the amazing photographer Lichtkunst H3rbst. In the morning we luckily had some time left to take a few pole and hoop photos before the first students arrived. Can´t wait to share them with you. Although this was a busy weekend I enjoyed it a lot, our students were all so amazing in front of the camera!

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