London #2


It´s 1am now, I´m super tired and my feet hurt, but it was such an exciting day that I want to share it with you right away! I will try to keep it short as tomorrow with have to be very early at the championship for a parade and it´s getting serious for us tomorrow: It´s show time! So I need to get as much as sleep as still possible before 🙂

breakfast vegan oats

I started the day with breakfast in bed as we have no breakfast at the hotel. Soy milk, oats, berries and vegan chocolate drops. That´s all I need for a good start in a great day!

london handstand

Today we decided to do some sightseeing. We started our tour at the Buckingham Palace. Perfect timing: Changing of the guards was just a few minutes after we arrived. Perfect synchonity when they walked towards the palace 😉 Let´s hope it will be the same for Bianca and me at the championship tomorrow.

chocolate banana protein drink

Afterwards we went to Piccadilly Circus. First thing I had to do here was to go to whole foods! I was so looking forward to shop there and it was amazing! I so wish we had this supermarket here in German, gonna miss this shop a lot. I got this super tasty protein shake, nori wraps, a rainbow sandwich, vegan cupcake, some sweet potatoe chips, fruits and ready cut veggies. The next days I definitly won´t be hungry!

nori wrapAte those nori wraps right away as I was to curious to try them. Really enjoyed it and think I´m gonna try to recreate something similiar at home. It´s kind of a low carb sushi to me, perfect as a dinner.

london contortionOf course I had some time to do contortion. My boyfriends comment: „You can never just normally pose for a photo…“. No, I can´t ^^ But who wants a normal photo when you can do pole, contortion or a handstand.

mini crystal car

I know pole dancers will love this car as we love sparkles! This Mini is full of crystals. Isn´t this amazing. I wanted to change the color of my Mini this year, maybe it should get some sparkle instead 😉

london tourist

Double Partners forever <3

double acrobatic

london eye

Afterwards we went to a nice park for a rest before we had a look at Big Ben and the London Eye. It was just a few minutes before it began to rain. So we finished our sightseeing and went back to the hotel to get ready for our rehearsal.

vegan cupcake


Couldn´t resist eating this vegan cup cake right when we arrived at the hotel. I´m a chocoholic and when chocolate is close to me and in addition is vegan, super creamy, I just can´t controll it 😉 It was sooo good!! If you go to whole foods don´t miss the chance to get one of their vegan cupcakes. I know it´s not healthy, but when it comes to chocolate cupcakes I don´t mind.




double pole

We were so nervous when we arrived at Crystal Palace where the championships are again this year. We knew it´s only the rehearsals and it doesn´t matter if we slide or mess up something but it still made us nervous. We went into the close park to relax a bit while we had to wait.

world polesport championship

Our rehearsal wasn´t perfect. I had great grip but my double partner not and I no from former competition how bad this is for your mind. You are already nervous anyway but no you get even more scared that you will fail because of slipping, this is definitly not what you want. But I´m still looking forward to tomorrow, we trained hard and we can do a great performance if we have good grip tomorrow. And if not, it´s okay, too. We are already proud to be here and now we can´t do more than just try to show the best possible.

vegan pasta

Finished the day at an italian restaurant with some of the other atlethes. Everyone was so tired already but it was nice to spend some time together before our big day tomorrow. I had pasta with eggplant. Yummi!

Time for me to sleep now and dream of our big day tomorrow! Have a good night everyone and enjoy your weekends! Good luck to all pole dancer who are on stage tomorrow, can´t wait to see some great shows. Let´s hope we all have good grip 😉


(Sorry for any typos, I´m too tired now to read it again)

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