France to Munich

It has been very calm on my blog for a few days, because I have been traveling again. So let me give you a little summary what I have been up to and also a little insight into my workshops.



This year I got booked for workshops in France for the first time! I was so excited about this as I love France. We spent our family holidays often in this beautiful country at the beach.




So last friday I went to the airport at 4am to start my journey. I arrived in Marseille at the morning and got picked up by the lovely Marie, who booked me, her husband and their cute son. On our way to her home we talked about food and she told me that her son doesn´t eat eggs and milk  – just like me. So they already had lots of soy products at home which was just perfect for me.


The first day I had no workshop. We had lunch together – potatoes, salad and a vegan mushroom cutlet for me. I haven´t seen those mushroom cutlets in Germany, but if I ever find some, I have to buy them, it was so tasty! Afterwards we just realxed on the couch before we went to Avignon in the evening. For dinner Marie cooked the best vegan lasagne ever. I´m still dreaming of it. Lots of fresh vegetables and soy cream, it was too delicious.




In the morning it was time for my first workshop: Signature Tricks. I love this workshop, because I can share some of my favourite tricks and combinations in it. Afterwards we went to a close restaurant with some students and had burgers. Of course there was a vegetarian burger and without the cheese it even was vegan.

After lunch we went back to the studio for two more workshops. I taught my new workshop „Across the Stage“ which shows different variations to get from he pole to the floor, move across the floor and then get back up again. I put the moves in small combinations so that students also learn how to combine the movements. The second and last workshop for that day was Bendy Power, one of the most famous classes at my studio. I teach a special stretching method for front and middle splits in this class, which is very effective but not so well known and of course also some back and shoulder stretches.

Beach selfie

The evening was free, so we went to the beach. This was one of my highlights. I love the beach and sea so much. Whenever I´m at the beach I feel free, peaceful and like everything is just perfect. It even doesn´t need to be hot and sunny, I just like to enjoy the view. But we had luck and the weather was great! So we did some handstands at the beach before we went to an italian restaurant to finish the day.

contortion handstand Beach Handstand




Sunday I had two more workshops. First an aerial hoop workshop for beginners. We worked on little combinations including different mounts and also their first dynamic moves in the hoop. The second workshop was about dancing. This is maybe my favourite workshop. I teach a dance routine which includes some contemporary movements and we also focused on execution and details like arms or our head. The girls did so great and got so far with the routine that we filmed it in the end. I´m so proud of them! One of them told me later that she never danced before and really enjoyed it.

Between the workshops we had BBQ at Marie´s house together with the family of her sister. Of course she had a vegan option for me again. She was just the perfect host! She took care of me like we were old friends and I felt at home right from the beginning.


After the workshops it was time for some privates. First one was with the sister of the studio owner Marie. We did lots of advanced tricks and combinations like Fonji, Re-Grips, some flexy moves and lots more. I always like to teach one on one, because I can teach according to the strength and weaknesses of the student. The second private was with for beginners. It´s rare that beginners already do privates, so this was a very special pleasure for me and I´m so happy that they trusted me and wanted to learn from me. We covered basic inverts and leg hangs and some beautiful combinations and moves on spinning pole.




My last day at France, time passed so fast. We decided to go to the studio in the morning for some training. After all the classes it was great to have time for my own training and the heat was perfect for doing some flexy tricks. We had a very successful training, couldn´t finish my France trip better. In the evening it was time to fly back home. Here are a few of the crazy tricks I did 🙂

Contortion Pole Trick Contortion Pole Trick


I had an amazing time in France thanks to all students who joined my workshops and to Marie who made my stay with her so pleasant.




On Tuesday my boyfriend, dogs and me drove to a pole studio close to munich for some private classes. I knew the girls already from another private class at my studio and couldn´t wait to see them again and how they progressed. For the private they wanted to learn combinations instead of just new tricks, some floorwork and dancing and also some new stretches. I love it when students pick not only the newest and  hardest tricks.

A long time I felt like everyone wanted to just learn as many tricks as possible and as fast as possible. I think this is not got at all. Whenever I ask my students if they want to keep working on a trick or combination for a few more classes, I ask them if they would be able to perform this move in a routine. Because I think it´s not enough to get a trick just once, you must feel good with it, execute it clean and you should be able to put it into a combination. After that you really got that move! So I´m happy whenever I notice that not everyone is a trick hunter anymore and that students also want to learn all the other skills which are so important for pole dance like connecting moves or getting more flexible and stronger.

After the private we went to visit my brother and had dinner together. We decided to stay a night in Munich so we could enjoy at least a morning there.



Unfortunately the weather was not the best. We walked to the old town when it just started to rain. As I didn´t want to my dogs to get super wet and cold, we decided to have a coffee until it stopped raining. We were already thinking about leaving right aways but there was this vegan restaurant not for from us which I wanted to visit.

I´m so happy we stayed! I had the best vegan food ever at the restaurant Max Pett. Even my boyfriend was amazed by the food. Wish we had such a great restaurant in Tübingen.

vegan starter vegan curry vegan stroganoff

Right after lunch we drove back to Tübingen to my studio. I had three more classes that night. I was so tired, but being back at my studio and to my students might me forget it.


Back Home

I had been on a high energy level during the last days and being back home and on my cozy couch made me notice how much I needed a break now. So Thursday I decided to have a calm day at home until my classes in the evening.

The next morning I still felt tired but I was so motivated to go train that I went to the studio anyway. My boyfriend came with me for some strength training which also meant that I had a spotter for some new scary tricks! The rest of the day I had to work, I had tons of emails after being away for almost one week, my website needed an update and lots of paperwork was waiting for me.


Now it is saturday and I started my day with delicious porridge and fruits and writing this blog posts. We will have BBQ later together with some of my students, their friends and families. Got some vegan food from Wheaty, it´s one of my fav brands especially because of their BBQ products.

Time to bake some vegan chocolate muffins now for my students and then I´ll do some more work until we leave.


Wish you all a great and relaxed weekend and hope you enjoy the sun, too!


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